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An elderly woman receiving an injection in her finger to check her blood sugar levels

An elderly woman receiving an injection in her finger to check her blood sugar levels

I never thought that diabetes was hereditary, I had read about the topic and most of my research got me into the same conclusion: Diabetes is hereditary. My father has been living with diabetes for ten years now and when we found out about it, all my brothers and I had a big interest to learn more about the disease. I got diagnosed with diabetes as well; I’ve been living with it for almost five years.

Symptoms of diabetes are not so obvious and when you notice them, you already require a visit to the Doctor. In my case, I had a sudden weight loss; I went from wearing jeans size 36 to 34, just in a couple of months. Also I was feeling fatigued all the time and numbness in hands was considerably present.

When I was diagnosed, definitely it was very unpleasant news. My grandfather had died many years ago, because of diabetes complications, so my fear became present.

Fortunately, my wife and my kids have been very supportive during this stage of my life. We have tried everything, homemade remedies, special teas, etc., all of these without leaving medical treatment. Until one day, an old friend from college asked me: If I had heard about stem cells; personally, I had heard something, but I wasn’t an expert about it.

Stem Cells are special cells that regularly are extracted from the bone marrow or fatty tissue, then the cells are taken into a laboratory and finally they are injected into the same person (autologous transplant). These cells are known as regenerative cells, because what they do: tissue repair, increasing cell efficiency therefore making internal organs stronger. In my case, we are talking about my pancreas.

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After I did more research about Stem Cells, I noticed that a Stem Cell treatment could work to prevent complications on my kidneys, vision, circulatory system and other organs of my body, everything treated at the same time. Also, I was happy to know that there is minimal risk, and there are no secondary effects.

When I got convinced that Stem Cell therapy was an option to treat my diabetes, I decided to investigate where I could get my therapy. The first thought was in the United States. It was hard to find a clinic certified by the FDA. There were so many ads of clinics that offer Stem Cells and not all of them were clear about their services, they do not mention the name of their doctors and specific locations, also some signs that made me uncomfortable were the fact that I was being sold other parallel therapies and additional products. It felt they wanted my business but were not focused on my heath. Very commercial, and expensive, so I decided to search somewhere else. Doing some more online research it came to my attention that Tijuana was getting a higher status among the destinations for health tourism, there I found ProgenCell. I felt they were a good choice for me because I had the chance to talk with one of the doctors, their results offered were congruent, also the facilities look amazing and the attention was excellent.

Finally, I have to say that the stem cell therapy gave me better results than I expected, no pain and my quality of life has increased. My Doctor got impressed with the results from the last blood analysis, the insulin intake has decreased. Definitely I recommend people to explore these stem cells therapy option as well as ProgenCell, not only because they changed my life, also for their care and trust they brought to me.

Mark S.



Finally, the day of my stem cell procedure at ProgenCell is here. It is impressive how fast my case has been followed, since I filled the case evaluation online, until I got my first appointment with the doctor. Definitely it was more simple than I imagined, is so different than in the United States, also, the confidence that I received from the whole staff is incredible, I think it is because since the moment I received the call to follow my evaluation, they’ve made me feel that I have made the correct decision, all my questions have been answered and I have been able to talk with the doctor a couple of times now.

I arrived to Tijuana from the San Diego airport, a simple road trip, no more than 30 minutes drive, fortunately there was no traffic at the border crossing to Mexico, and better yet, ProgenCell’s location is less than five minutes after you cross to Mexico through the San Ysidro – Tijuana Border.

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After I entered the clinic, my first impression was that I wasn’t just in any clinic, it is very well established, and the reception is modern, warm and very clean. The way we were received was so kind, also, the whole staff is bilingual, I speak English and Spanish, because my mother moved from Mexico to San Diego when I was 10 years old and I had no choice than to learn English, however, my husband doesn’t speak Spanish, I have tried to teach him but I’ve failed, he says beyond a few words, Spanish is too hard for him, but at ProgenCell we spoke English and Spanish so he also felt the kindness and trust that everyone brings.

With ProgenCell, everything has been good news; my knee injury tends to disappear, even that that I’ve been living with pain for more than five years. The doctors have recommended taking three sessions to eliminate the pain and prevent knee replacement for at least another 10 years.


They also make it easy for a foreigner, they take dollars and Mexican pesos, and have wide options for payment methods: credit cards, checks, bank transfers and of course, cash, and the best of all, you only pay for every individual stem cells therapy session, is not necessary to pay in advance.

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Tomorrow is my first session; ProgenCell will take bone marrow from a bone and inject the Stem Cells into my knee cartilage. Considering all surgeries I have done in my life, I am sure I will be able to sleep peacefully tonight, something that didn’t happen during my previous experiences, and this is because from my online research, I am aware that the procedure is not invasive and the pain is really small; I trust Dr. Gaviño and Dr. Romero and the whole staff, I know I am in good hands.
Emma W.

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